A short cover.

The distortion in this is a little too crunchy sounding. I need some better gear and new strings.

Working on another song I’ve wanted to do a for a long time. Trying to get it perfect. Hopefully that one will be done tomorrow and I can finally have one I’m semi proud of.

Did another guitar cover. Really just trying to get myself to have the songs down 100% and improve my overall tone.

Love melodic instrumentals like this.

It’s so easy Mac

Just did this guitar cover. A tad sloppy at times. You should check out the actual song as it’s a thousand times better obviously.

Don’t hate me. The bathroom mirror selfie is all I’ve got in my photo pose arsenal.

"Following the success of Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino was approached by Hollywood and offered numerous projects, including Speed and Men in Black. He instead retreated too Amsterdam to work on his script for Pulp Fiction.”

me and my kicks. and the ground.

Might be seeing these fellows in March. Stoked.